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This exceptional office space in the revitalised Zenit factory building combines unusual features: attractive architecture and impressive location, factory genealogy and stylish work culture, discreetness and business. Zenit means the highest class A. The original and modern layout of instailations creating the building’s “veining”, marble, granite, glass and steel give it a unique character. The unusual nature of revitalisation is highlighted by the fact that is was designed by the most experienced and prestigious architects: Marek Janiak, Wlodzimierz Adamiak and Zbigniew Binczyk. In all activities the Investor was motivated by one concern: to enable the tenant to concentrate on one thing only — on the joy of work. An office at the Zenit Centre means advantages based on the simplicity of office space arrangements, availability of office infrastructure, low exploitation costs and high comfort of work. The best location in the centre of Lodz, next to the main roads of the city, means an easy access to the city infrastructure and a neighbourhood of public administration offices, banks, consulting and personnel consultancy agencies, advertising agencies, trade centres, restaurants, hotels and public transport. The presence of over 20 high education schools creates a solid base of highly qualified professionals, well educated with a modern attitude and good knowledge of foreign languages. The time has come to reach for Zenit!