More then architecture

The main idea underlining the transformation of a factory building into exclusive office space was to respect architectural values of the building itself while combining them with high standards of modern interiors. The new office function highlights the existing axial layout of the budding: crosswise — due to location of the main staircase and lengthwise — emerging from the structural layout of iron cast pillar. For that reason the entrance arcade, the main hall and halls on individual floors conform to the main staircase and the corridors along individual floors — to the layout of pillars. Particular attention was paid to the original factory elements in the building: the cast iron pillars, the structure of brick walls, the railings and joists and even the external steel staircase. The additional floor built using modern materials — glass and steel, underlines the industrial character of the building, An important element of the interior, the industrial and yet very modern open layout of installations, creates a sort of “veining” of the building. The building’s beautiful historic elevations were restored to return it to its previous splendour.  And all this to proudly present the magic of the place, which gives the Zenit offices air of exclusivity.

Floor plans