The owner and administrator of the Zenit Business Centre is ZENIT Sp. z o.o. – a company belonging to the FERAX group. The beginning of the FERAX group goes back to 1993 when two partners, now share-holders and representatives of the company FERAX Sp. z o.o., formed a private partnership FERAX. The milestone in the FERAX activities was the creation of Gatta brand, presently a leader in the hosiery market, locally and abroad. The FERAX group includes, amongst others, FERAX Sp. z o.o., WOLA Sp. z o.o. and, from 2004, ZENIT Sp. z o.o. – the new owner of the former Hosiery Industry Plant Zenit, located at ul. Sien-kiewicza 82/84 in Lodz. From the time of purchasing the plant, its new owner continued the production of hosiery, existing since the 19-century, at the same time planning to move beyond the traditional boundaries of activities associated with production. And so the idea was born – to create a business centre in a remarkable, historic factory building of 1905 located along Sienkiewicza Street while continuing the production in halls located at the back of the property. The great vision and investment of the company ZENIT Sp. z o.o. gave the revitalised factory new business image and significance – now Zenit means class A office space in the very centre of Lodz.

 Short historical background

  • 1905r. a red brick building is built adjacent to the 19-th century hosiery factory of the Towarzystwo Akcyjne Winkler, Gartner i Borman;
  • 1919r. the factory is acquired by the Włókiennicza Spółka Akcyjna N. Eitingon;
  • 1946r.  after the II World Wat, the Art Nouveau building was turned into a hosiery plant “Zenit”;
  • 2004r. the Hosiery Industry Plant Zenit is privatised;
  • 2008r. Zenit Office Centre;